Tighten Up Challenge

Tighten Up Challenge

Challenge Instructions:

  • Rollover each spot for a short description
  • Click on your top 3 spots in each room
  • If you made a good choice, your spot will turn green. Bad choices will turn red.
  • Your energy efficiency meter will reflect your overall energy savings from room to room
  • Your goal is to drop the meter into the green

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  • Don’t bother buying ENERGY STARĀ® appliances.

    Weatherstrip doors to keep energy costs down.

    Use power strips whenever you can.

    Change a bulb to cut energy costs.

    Seal air leaks by closing your fireplace damper and glass doors.

    Replace your aging windows for the most effective energy savings.

    Position your furniture in ways that maximize energy consumption.

    Leave a ceiling fan on to keep the temperature down.

  • Set your refrigerator correctly for a big impact on energy consumption.

    Use your exhaust fan every time you cook.

    Start with hot tap water when boiling water on the stove.

    Don’t just turn off appliances. Unplug them.

    Set your dishwasher to its most efficient settings.

    Don’t waste time fixing slow faucet drips.

    Install a new light bulb to cut energy costs.

  • Switch to any new appliance to get maximum energy savings.

    Repair and replace broken or missing electrical outlets.

    Position furniture over vents.

    Clean lampshades to get the most out of your energy.

    Switch to light-colored drapes.

    Turn on a ceiling fan to feel cooler.

    Lock your window to better seal leaks.

  • Turn off small appliances to halt energy usage.

    Consider replacing your toilet with a low-flush model.

    Never use your bathroom vent during a shower.

    With a low-flow shower head, it’s not necessary to caulk shower walls.

    Some faucets are more energy-efficient than others.

    Bathe instead of shower.

    Use higher water pressure for more efficient water consumption.

  • Lower the temperature on your water heater to save on energy costs.

    Dry two loads of clothes back-to-back to save energy.

    Dry small loads to conserve energy.

    Use really hot water to sterilize clothes.

    Switch to a front-loading washer.

    Don’t wrap your water heater with extra insulation. It’s not worth the cost.

  • Leave your lights on rather than wastefully turning them off-and-on.

    Close your attic hatches and pull-down stairways.

    Change your air filter only if you want your furnace to run better.

    Insulate your duct systems. Then insulate again!

    Keep your furnace working at a consistent temperature for the best energy efficiency.

    Seal light switches to save on energy costs.

    Set your air conditioner thermostat at the lowest setting possible to cool the home faster.

  • Install motion-sensing light switch.

    Turn off lights to reduce heating costs.

    Install blinds to lower your energy bills.

    Seal windows to reduce your home’s largest source of air leakage.

    Switch to a newer nightlight to save money.

    Don’t clean your light fixtures.

    Unplug small electronics when not in use.